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Prezentacja Marcina Szeląga pt"Startup Risk Model" opowiadająca o 12 obszarach które trzeba wziąć pod uwagę podczas budowania startupu.

Transcript of Marcin Szel…g - Startup Risk Model - Exea Smart Space Toru„ 2014

  • Marcin Szelg Partner at Innovation Nest MarcinSzelag
  • Szukamy liderw, ktrzy dzi zaczynaj ksztatowa przyszo biznesw jutra.
  • Zakrty w startupie, gdzie co moe pj nie tak.
  • Znajdujemy si w trendzie przedsibiorczoci technologicznej
  • Startup is a temporary organisation focused on nding a repeatable and scalable business model. ! To achieve success, founders and investors have to take risk in order to capitalize on a market opportunity they have identied. ! Turning a Startup into a sustainable and monumental company is a long term process. In this process there are several steps (areas of risk) a startup has to take. ! There is no formula for achieving success, but there is a model for identifying and addressing areas of risk. Startup Risk Model
  • Disclaime r Luck, dened as a set of favourable circumstances might be the sole reason we have monumental companies in the social and gaming space. Counting only on luck, might signicantly limit the chances of our startup achieving success. There are only that many Facebooks, Whatsups, Instagrams and Rovios of this world. The probability of building a $100M company are much greater than chasing a $1B unicorn. Business models focused on software are constantly producing sustainable companies which are growing as information technology expands to new industries and market segments.
  • Dlaczego SaaS? 220M businesses worldwide $17B in current revenues 20% annual growth 6% of the software market ($326B) USA makes $10B of the total SaaS revenue EU makes $3,5B of the total SaaS revenue
  • The decision The idea Founding team Market hypothesis First sale funding MVP First paying customers Customer acquisition Seed funding Team building Growth model Round A Scaling Prot
  • Czy naprawd chcesz zaryzykowa?
  • 1. You should have some level of experience 2. You should have an extensive network of contacts 3. You should have some money You can invest 4. You should have the full support of your family 5. You should feel comfortable leading
  • Jak wpade na swj pomys?
  • 1. You have identied a market opportunity 2. You know enough about the market You are about to enter 3. Your experience and skillset is desired in this market 4. You know how You will make money in the short term 5. You will be happy working on this idea 6. You have prepared a compelling vision backed by solid milestones
  • Kto pomoe Ci zamieni wizj w biznes?
  • 1. You were able to convince others of my vision and milestones 2. Your cofounders bring complementary skillsets to the table 3. Your cofounders are A players 4. You like spending time with your cofounders 5. Your cofounders have also made the decision they want to start a startup 6. Your cofounders are equally motivated as You
  • Czy muszisz taki rynek stworzy? Czy jest ju rynek?
  • 1. The Minimal Viable Segment is big enough to get your company to ramen protability 2. The market is big enough, there is room for the company to grow 3. You have a strong hypothesis of a repeatable and sustainable business model which is plausible 4. You have researched the market in terms of competition, market trends, customer acquisition, customer budgets and the data you gathered supports your business model hypothesis
  • Kto zainwestuje pierwsze pinidze?
  • 1. You have created a budget which will bring you to your rst sale 2. Your budget will give you enough time to get to ramen protability 3. You were able to convince outside investors (4F) 4. You managed to bring on board mentors or advisors
  • Czy potrasz zbudowa co, co pozwoli Ci na testowanie?
  • 1. You have clearly identied the minimum viable feature set which delivers value to your customers 2. If you are entering a market with competitors - the dierentiators of your product are distinct 3. The time needed to build your MVP is well within your budget 4. Your team has the necessary skills to build what you have planned 5. The quality of your product is very high 6. You will be able to charge your customers for the value delivered by your MVP
  • Czy s klienci, ktrzy chc kupi Twj produkt?
  • 1. You know where your rst sale will come from 2. Your customers will be happy after buying your product 3. You will get repeated business from your rst customers 4. You have a process in place to close the feedback loop 5. You know why your rst customers are buying your product
  • Co wiesz o sprzeday i marketingu?
  • 1. You have various customer acquisition hypotheses you are able to test 2. Revenue - $10 000 per month 3. You are able to build initial traction with early adopters of your product 4. You dont have a churn problem 5. LTV>CAC 6. Scalability of your customer acquisition model is plausible 7. You have reached ramen protability
  • Zassao! Kto dostarczy wicej kapitau?
  • 1. You are able to pitch 2. You have identied investors aligned with the vision and business model of your startup 3. You are not at a point where your are under nancing pressure 4. You are able to show how this nancing will help validate the growth model 5. You are somehow dierent or better than everyone else
  • Za technologi stoj zawsze ludzie.
  • 1. You have secured enough funding 2. You have an appealing story and vision 3. There is enough local talent 4. Great people are expensive 5. Hire only people better than you
  • Najwaniejsze sowo to WZROST.
  • 1. You have found a way to grow in a consistent way 2. Your growth model has a signicant organic component 3. Your are growing at 20% M/M 4. You are growing your revenue, without increasing churn
  • Na wzrost, potrzebujesz jeszcze wicej pienidzy.
  • 1. Silicon Valley as the VC capital 2. Are you willing to move 3. Valley of death 4. It is a competition 5. Traction solves all problems
  • Budowanie startupw zajmuje cholernie duo czasu.
  • Jak mogCi pomc?