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BANDUNGWest Java, IndonesiaPresentation on Urban Management Program

Seoul Human Resource Development Center(SHRDC) of Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) Metropolis International Institute Headquarter (MITI HQ)Seoul , Korea24 31 August 2014

The presentation will be derived from the context of the city, government program and policy, existing land use, sustainable program and spatial planning, housing settlement policy and some urban practices for sustainable development . It aims to understand the context of the issue of the Bandung City and to discuss forward with other cities.


City and Region

First, Bandung was laid down in the national urban system as part of the Urban Area Bandung Raya National Activity Centre. Bandung is a part of the national strategic area of defense and security considerations, economic growth, social and cultural, exploitation of natural resources and/or high technology, and/or function and environmental carrying capacity . In addition , the city of Bandung is also designated as Region mainstay Bandung Basin, which is the area that has national strategic value. The national strategic value is include the ability of the region to spur economic growth in the region and surrounding areas and to encourage regional growth equity.?2

2031City and Region4 juta2.5 juta

Second, the population of the buffer zone of the Capital Bandung Raya is 20,601,492 or 44 % of the total population of West Java. With a population level is dominated by the younger generation (15-40 years), it can be concluded that Bandung city will continue to grow. As the graph above the projected population growth, the development of the city of Bandung is predicted to exceed its capacity in 2031. Therefore, now is a good time to bring a new change to the city of Bandung, in order to become a sustainable city for future generations.3

City and Region





Third,?Bandung is situated in one of the most beautiful natural surroundings of West Java. The city lies in a river basin surrounded by volcanic mountains

(click)?Currently?Bandung?became?one of?the main?destinations?for?domestic?natural attractions, dining,?shopping?and?culture.4

City and RegionJakartaBandungLocated in high land with fresh air and natural tourism objectsThe Cipularang highway is reducing travel time from Jakarta and stimulate Bandung City to be a weekend break destination for people living in Jakarta

The new Cipularang highway that was completed in 2005 is reducing travel time from Jakarta. (click) It is stimulate Bandung City to be a weekend break destination for people living in Jakarta.


City and Region

As a central destination on the weekend, Bandung managed to increase the economic level. Currently, Bandung economic growth has reached 9%, where the development of the national economy only reached 6%.

A foreign economic observers speculated that what we seen in Bandung now is only 1/10 of the real economic opportunities. The rest of the opportunities could not attend because the poor infrastructure.6

Economy Social and Cultural Context

Creative CommunityCultural ActivityCreative Industry

Bandung growth and build based on many creative industry as fashion, music,film and traditional culture

Economic development of this city can not be separated from the creative industry, music, movies, traditional culture and creative community of Bandung city.

Bandung Creative City Forum is one example of a creative community where so many come together to provide a solution to the city of Bandung.7

City and Region

Driven by a variety of potential, the city of Bandung experiencing a very fast urban development and urbanization growth. The presence of toll Cipularang and ease budget airlines become a potency and a problem at the same time. The presence of this access makes economic and tourist services demand increased. Dozens of hotels built. Hundreds resto cafes scattered around the city. However, it all scrambling on the same city infrastructure capacity like 20 years ago.

One very visible example is the development of the city of Bandung which was previously planned for pedestrians and cyclists, it gradually invaded by motor vehicle. Until finally the movement of motor vehicles dominate the city. Currently, through the mission of developing the city, the city will be restored to the city of Bandung that based to human.8

City and RegionBANDUNG JUARAFormulate innovations that can help Bandung leapfrog into becoming Indonesias finest city

Bandung Juara, is a spirit to develop Bandung as a comfort, excellent and prosperous city. That spirit of Bandung is aims to represents the quality of life, effective and sustainable city. Bandung aims to empower every citizen in their respective districts . Where every district will be given autonomy to manage its territory.

The greatest strength of Bandung today is the survival spirit of its citizens . At the time it was merged with the spirit of social solidarity , be an external energy. Gotong royong (mutual aid) par excelence. As a sample, Kopo district resolve flood problem itself by making 20 water wells. The district manage their own district by their own. Managing health insurance by their own. No government intervention. It shows that the youth is an asset for Bandung development. 60% of Bandung resident is under 40 years old and educated. Also, there are more than 50 universities and colleges in the city.


City and Region

Land Use of Bandung City

Bandung with total coverage area 16.729,65 Ha, dominantly is settlement area (55,5% of land use). Other land use are service, commercial, industry, limited farming and some undeveloped land.10

Government Policy and ProgramSUSTAINABLE PROGRAMMasterplan and Urban Design Guidelines (RTBL)6 Masterplan and Urban Design Guidelines (RTBL) in AreaSub-Region Detail Spatial Plan (RDTR)Strategic areas and priority handling of settlements in Cibeunying and Karees Spatial PlanCity Transportation MasterplanMonorail dan Cable Car Lane Traverse AreaRegion Spatial Plan (RTRW)City strategic areas from environmental point of viewCity Spatial Plan (RTRK)Environmental Carrying Capacity National Spatial Plan (RTR Nasional)Bandung Basin AreaSpatial Plan (RTR) Strategic AreaA main drainage system and source of clean water

Under the existing regulations and policies, the area is an area that plays an important role nationally and cities, especially from an environmental point of view. The area is also a part of the mass transportation planning areas and prioritized settlements development area. The availability of the master plan and urban design guidelines in this area showed that the area is ready to be develop.11

Spatial Planning Policy

The Citys Physical DevelopmentAlun-AlunGedebage

According to Region Spatial Plan (RTRW), there 3 direction to develop citys area. The first is North Bandung, directed to be a limited area because of its function as conservation area. The second is Central Bandung, as the old city and a center of Bandung City core with Alun-Alun as a downtown. The Central Bandung is directed to be a controlled area because its a hight density area already. Some histrorical area and conservation building are in this area. The third as the new development area is East Bandung, which is directed to drive forward as a new development area with Gedebage as the centre.


Housing and Settlement Policy

Settlements Quality Improvement Strategy

Housing and settlement development is connected to spatial planning regulation and policy. Housing development policy drives forward to develop vertical housing to deliver an adequate housing for Bandung citizens and revitalisation slum and density settlement for a better liveable environment. 13

TAMANSARI ECO DISTRICTContextTamansari ecodistrict represent a site of approximately 102 ha. Located in Center Bandung. The community is provided with exceptional connectivity to the surrounding region, and presents the opportunity to deliver a vibrant destination within the regional catchmentProvinceWest JavaArea102 hectarePopulation2013 : 28.0112025 : 35.5242050 : 58.281Density2013 : 275 inhabitant/ha2025 : 348 inhabitant/ha2050 : 571 inhabitant/haClimateTropical humid

UniversityCreative IndustriesGreen Open SpaceTraditional Activity

Tamansari ecodistrict represents a site of approximately 102 ha. Located in Center of Bandung, Tamansari is one of the citys gate. The community is provided with exceptional connectivity to the surrounding region, and presents the opportunity to deliver a vibrant destination within the regional catchment. Currently the population of this area is 28 thousand people. Where based on population growth projections, the total population in 2050 will reach double the current growth. Therefore the development of the area should be made to be more compact and efficient in accommodating projected future needs.

(click) As shown in the figure, in the district, there are functions which is the generators of activity in the area, these functions are: universities, creative industries, green open spaces and traditional activities.14


As the community center of the city, the area that carried the theme "Creative Community Hubs Castle" has many communities that have grown initiative in improving the environment. Some of these communities are: bike-loving community, urban farming community and district waste management community.15

Comfortable and safe bicycle path/lanePedestrian facilities for people with disabilitiesRecreational and gathering a