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    Case ref: 1085439 10 September 2015

    Dear Mrs Thank you for your correspondence in relation to your complaint about our service. I note that Rebecca wrote to you in May 2015 in response to your complaint. You have replied to advise that you remain dissatisfied. You say that you feel we should look at your complaint about Ombudsman Services failure to respond to your correspondence about First Utility in June 2014 and that the delay in bringing the complaint to us should not prevent you from complaining. On reviewing your case, I can see that you first contacted us about your complaint with First Utility in May 2014. We replied to you and asked for some more information about the complaint. In July 2014 James Miller wrote to you and explained that the ombudsman was considering whether or not to accept your complaints about Sky and First Utility for investigation. In October 2014 we wrote to you to say the ombudsman had decided not to accept your complaints for investigation. As such, we did not enter into further correspondence regarding your complaint about First Utility. We did not hear from you again about this case until April 2015. Following Rebeccas response in May 2015, we did not hear from you again until September 2015 when you asked to escalate your claim that we failed to respond to you in June 2014. Given the above facts I am satisfied that we explained our position to you in October 2014. Therefore, I do not uphold your complaint about Ombudsman Services. I hope that my explanation will help to resolve matters. I also hope you will appreciate that it would not be appropriate for the service to enter into further correspondence on this matter. Yours sincerely,

    Simon Morris

  • Deputy Chief Executive