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Transcript of Prezentacja gosia heska 1ta

  • Me

  • Generally..My name is Margaret but I prefer to call me Maggie. People called me differently so I haven't permament nickname. I'm 16 years old. I'm studying in secondary school and I'm gonna be a car mechanic.

  • I played table tenis (not for long), dancing (for 3 years), swimming (the same as dancing), runing for sport and played chess for fun. I was scout for 4 years that's why I like plaing guitar and I also trained artistic gymnastics for 2 years.

  • The most important things in my life..FamilyFriendsHealthMy PetsHappiness and funDreams

  • To my closest family I include..

  • My Mom

  • My Dad

  • My brother and his fiance

  • Uncle Darius

  • My best friend Karoline

  • And the rest of my family.

  • Then..My friends are the best. I always fell great with them and I can't help laughing. We have lots of memories alike good as some bad but I think ist's normal. Here you can see some of them...

  • I have cat and dog AhriWokal

  • What makes me happy?

  • MusicI like very different music but my favourite artists are Ed Sheeran and Avicii. When I was younger I liked pop and rap. Next metal, rock, again pop, rap, dubstep..and now I like everything without Polish pop and most kinds of metal.

  • Riding motorcycle

  • SportFitness - ZumbaGymStreet WorkoutCrossfit


  • Plaing games:Need for SpeadSecond SonLeague of LegendsTomb RiderTekkenDevil My Cry

    Little Big PlanetBurnoutPrince of PersiaOsu

  • Reading books, going out with friends, chillouting, surfing in the internet etc.And normal things like:

  • Dreams?My dreams are simple. I want pass a driving test and have motorcycle and work with them.I want meet guys from Night of The Jumps (especially Remi Bizouard) again.Go to Miami.I don't wanna be 'donor'.And I want to be happy forever.

  • Thank you for your attention.Margaret Heska 1ta