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  • 1. Optimize Your Workforce

2. We are spending too muchon desktop software everyyear even though our usersonly require basic featuresWe can save you a lot of money with free solutions from IBM Lotus...Renovations, Inc. CEOIBM05 - Optimize Your Workforce 2 3. Microsoft Office Support And UpgradeCosts Continue To Spiral UpwardsOngoing software support costs for Microsoft Office make up almost 75% of total cost of ownership1Gartner Research2: Upgrading from to Office 2000/2003 to Office 2010 costs from $1000 to more than $1500 per userCost per userBest CaseWorst CaseHardware / Software$350$350Installation $203$525End-user Labor $349$718Total Migration Cost $902 $15931Source: IBM2Source: Steve Kleyhans, Windows 7 and Office 2010: What, Why, When, and How?http://www.gartner.com/it/content/1418900/1418919/september_21_windows_7_skleynhans.pdf05 - Optimize Your Workforce3 4. Lotus Symphony Offers All Businesses AFree Alternative To Microsoft Office Three editors packaged as one SymphonyapplicationPresentations Stand alone or included in Lotus Notes Natively supports OpenDocumentFormat (ODF) standard Supports Windows, Linux or MacSymphony Includes most common editingDocumentsfeatures to satisfy majority of businessusers Over 50 million downloads sincelaunchSymphony Spreadsheets In July 2011, IBM donated theSymphony source code to the ApacheFoundation Download and try it today! http://symphony.lotus.com/05 - Optimize Your Workforce4 5. DEMO: Symphony Reads And WritesMicrosoft Office Formats Microsoft OfficeLotus SymphonyEmployees can seamlessly exchange files with coworkers andcustomers who use Microsoft Office05 - Optimize Your Workforce5 6. Symphony Provides Most Common EditingFeatures For The Majority Of Users FunctionLotusMicrosoft SymphonyOfficeParagraph formatting alignment, indentation, spacing, styles, etc.Word ProcessingPredefined styles for paragraphs, characters, and headingsClipart, graphics, tables, diagrams, drawing objects, charts based on dataTables of content, indexes, numbered footnotes, headers, footersThesaurus and grammar checker XLibrary of built-in mathematical calculations SpreadsheetsCreate a variety of charts, graphsSelect from predefined style templates for cells and pagesSelective sorting of cellsPivot tables (called Data Pilot)Macro languages supported Pre-configured templates. Variety of views PresentationsClip art. Images from files. Draw, format of objects, lines, connectors,shapes. Variety of graphs and tables.Variety of page transitions. Variety of image and text transitionsImport scanner/camera images. Support for sound, movies, video. 05 - Optimize Your Workforce6 7. Symphonys Document Editor ProvidesRich Editing Capabilities Nested table support Multi-page view layoutsupport Master Documentsupport Enhanced PDF export Improved document notesfunctions Increased field types Ability to set attributes formultiple table cells at once05 - Optimize Your Workforce 7 8. Symphony Spreadsheets Let YouManipulate And Analyze Data Easily Extended columns to 1024. Easily move rows/columns Column auto-resize support Sheet specific zoom support Improved sort and formulaperformance Multi-sheet select support Formula hot tips New Detective function totrace dependencies and errors New equation Solver tool helps drive complex, inter-dependentcomputations. "What if" function supported More formulas IMPROVED charts andmore chart types 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 8 9. Building Professional Slides Is A SnapWith Symphony Presentations Templates and slide layoutsimple and intuitive to manage Multi-monitor display support More presentation animationeffects More page layouts More drawing objects More fontwork Improved slide show effectsthrough hardware accelerationfor graphics Improved graphics cropping05 - Optimize Your Workforce 9 10. However, What Really Sets SymphonyApart Is Its ExtensibilityNumerous plugins are available at http://symphony.lotus.comOrganization chartgeneratorMerge and SplitdocumentsIntegrate with Lotus Quickr Todo/Reminder List 05 - Optimize Your Workforce10 11. Instead of passing files back andforth with our marketing agency No problem, LotusLive lets youwe would like to co-edit theedit documents simultaneously,document in real time to speedcomment, and assign sections ofthings up work - Its a feature calledLotusLive SymphonyRenovations, Inc. CEO IBM 05 - Optimize Your Workforce 11 12. What Is LotusLive Symphony?Editors through a browser plus more Real-time co-editing Author presenceawareness Live sections Commenting &discussions Assignment andnotifications Revision management Task management Attention managementWeb-based collaborative editors for creating, sharing and collaborativelyauthoring word processor documents, spreadsheets and presentations05 - Optimize Your Workforce 12 13. LotusLive Symphony Takes Teal-time co-editing To The Next Level Conventional documentmanagement systemslock a document when itis checked out for editing Users working on adocument must wait forthe previous person tocheck it in before theycan begin editingCo-editing Status View LotusLive Symphony Recentallows multiple users to Activitysimultaneously edit aPresencedocument while still Awarenessmaintaining order05 - Optimize Your Workforce13 14. Live Sections Allow Multiple Users To EditA Single File In An Orderly Fashion LotusLive Symphony imposes control overreal time co-editing by breaking up adocument into live sections No longer is a document a singlemonolithic file, it is a collection of livesections each of which is assigned to aspecific individual Each individual can then work withinhis/her own section without interferingother parties This allows work to progress at a muchfaster pace than traditional documentcollaboration systems05 - Optimize Your Workforce 14 15. Comments On Portions Of The DocumentCan Grow To Become DiscussionsContextual commenting connects conversation to the document Comments are linked to associated text or cell Comments are searchable Comments grow to support discussions Comments grow to support task assignments, flagged issues05 - Optimize Your Workforce15 16. DEMO: LotusLive Symphony CollaborativeEditing vs Office 365 Renovations, Inc. product manager and marketing agencyco-edit the press release for the new promotion Marketing agency account manager assigns a section ofthe press release to her copywriter Comments and a discussion take place within thedocument on the correct verbiage to use Every participant can see who has made each change Launch Office365 to show that it has no co-editingcapabilities 05 - Optimize Your Workforce16 17. What sets LotusLive Symphony ApartFrom The Competition? Fully integrated with LotusLive collaboration platform, including Files,Activities, and Profiles While complementing desktop investments, LotusLive Symphony is designedto not require a desktop installation Microsoft Web Apps is positioned as a "companion" to traditional MS Office 2010.It is a very good "viewer" but does not provide the rich editing capabilities providedby LotusLive Symphony Microsoft Office Web Apps does not provide co-editing, while Google Docsprovides basic co-editing, however LotusLive Symphony takes things to awhole new level with: A Live Section model that allows monolithic documents to be split into manageablechunks Public and Private editing modes Contextual commenting and in-line discussions05 - Optimize Your Workforce 17 18. Our employees are oftenon the road, they need tobe able to access theseLotus can support yoursocial technologies on themobile employees alsogoRenovations, Inc. CEO IBM 05 - Optimize Your Workforce18 19. We Have Discussed A Comprehensive Set OfSocial Computing Technologies Offered By IBM...LotusLive Notes Sametime Connections LotusLivePortal Notes/DominoSymphony WAS (on-premise)Symphony (on-premise) InstantMailMessaging Social Intranet WebCalendarDocuments Online Connections ApplicationsContactsMeetings05 - Optimize Your Workforce 19 20. We Can Also Extend Social CapabilitiesTo Mobile EmployeesLotusLive Notes Sametime Connections LotusLive Portal Notes/DominoSymphonyWAS (on-premise)Symphony (on-premise)InstantMail MessagingSocialIntranet WebCalendar DocumentsOnlineConnectionsApplicationsContacts MeetingsLotus Traveler Lotus SametimeConnections MobileLotusLive SymphonyMobile Portal MobileAcceleratorLotus Mobile Virtual Private NetworkConnect05 - Optimize Your Workforce 20 21. Lotus Mobile Connect Provides A Secure Virtual PrivateNetwork Connection To The Intranet From The Mobile DeviceSecurity Features Internet DMZIntranet End-to-end FIPS 140-2 certified AESencryptionFirewall Firewall Strong authentication and support for RSA EmailSecure IDNetwork Optimization Instant Reduces data transmission costs overMessagingwireless networksLotus MobileMobile Improves speed, reliability, and end userConnectDevices GatewayexperiencePortalSeamless Cross-Network Roaming TCP applications have session persistenceacross physical networks Provides access to critical applications Webanytime/anywhere in a highly secure MeetingsmannerNetwork Choices Supports a worldwide selection of wireless and wireline network technologies, enabling a worldwide scopeof connectivity for mobile users Operate over networks: non-IP, IPv4, wired or wireless, future IPv6Scalable and Reliable Supports gateway clustering, and can distribute across multiple sites, to scale with your mobile needs05 - Optimize Your Workforce21 22. Lotus Traveler Extends Mail, Calendar, AndContacts To Mobile Devices Quick access to email (including attachments), calendar, address book, journaland to-do list for Lotus mobile users, either through on-premises IBM LotusDomino deployments, in the cloud with IBM LotusLive Notes or a mixed hybridenvironment A no-charge mobile solution for entitled Lotus Notes and Domino customers iOS Android Symbian Windows Mobile05 - Optimize Your Workforce 22 23. Customers Love Travele