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1. Pagina 1 di 3 - Curriculum vitae Alfredo Palma Via C. De Caesaris, 60 - 65017 Penne (PE) - Cel. 329.8054857 C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E E U R O P E O Informazioni personali: Name Alfredo Surname Palma Date of Birth 15 / 09 / 1970 Place of Birth Penne - PE Nationality Italiana Address Via C. De Caesaris, 60 City 65017 Penne Pescara Phone +39.329.805.485.7 E- Mail Job Skills: Administration Sales Revenue Accounting Direct Relationship with suppliers Staff Coordination - Budgeting Social Skills and Competence: Since an early age I was interested in working in tourism, and with this goal in mind I dedicated myself to improving my social skills by attending training courses and working in the various restaurants of the area. I also trained as an electrician and specialized in computer programming. I have attended training courses dedicated to marketing in tourism, from agencies to internet portals in the luxury sector. I have excellent communication, relational and diplomatic skills that I use not only with staff but with all people I come in contact with in the tourist context, beginning with the clients themselves. I am capable of resolving conflicts, complaints and special requests, and know when to immediately intervene in unexpected situations that may arise in any given moment with great resistance to stress. I easily integrate myself to the different styles and philosophies of the hotels that I have contact with. Organizational skills: In the course of my training I have covered managerial roles and have applied them to the tourism sector, specifically in the hotel business, dealing with commercial management, human resources, etc.. With the politics I adopt I bring to completion goals fixed at the onset with optimization of economic returns. Thanks to the system of pricing and revenue I apply stock materials are constantly monitored, reducing expenditures and out going cash flow. I have trained and guided several teams, transmitting positive values and successful work methods to the different staff members. As Director of various hotels I have managed revenues, marketing and personnel, with particular enfasis on the establishing successful working relationships between the different sectors. I have overseen the ordering of all materials needed, stocks and range of suppliers and have put in place systems that reduce bureaucracy and permit crosschecked controls. Technical Skills: One of the most interesting projects that I have managed was a 5-Star hotel that for 10 years had been unable to market itself successfully. From the year 2009 to 2012 under my direction not only did the hotel increase its revenue and client presence but also started a wellness center, bring in further revenue. Today the hotel is well-placed in the market and continues to function successfully. I am an expert in management of hardware and software in general, specializing in the tourism and hotel sectors. Processing data with conventional software is par for the course. Languages, Italian mother tongue: Reading Writing Expression English Excellent Excellent Good Reading Writing Expression French Good Good Good Reading Writing Expression German Working Working Working 2. Pagina 2 di 3 - Curriculum vitae Alfredo Palma Via C. De Caesaris, 60 - 65017 Penne (PE) - Cel. 329.8054857 Work Experience: To 01.05.2013 at 31.07.2013 Function Hotel Manager Liv. 2 Company Borgo Pignano 4 Star Address Loc. Pignano Nr. 1 Town Volterra PI Region Toscana Phone 0588.35032 E-Mail: Hotel Included 30 rooms: Bar Pool Restaurant Yoga Room Cinema Horse Riding Centre Billiard Room Music Room Garden Planetarium Pastry Banquet Herbalist Mill Joinery Bees Culture Pizzeria Sensory Garden Fireplace Asylim Teatre Room Library Mini Club English School Function: Together with the General Manager I managed the hotels start-up beginning with the administrative sector and following with marketing and coordination of hospitality. I also managed communication, organization, control and supervision of work carried out by the staff, guaranteeing the standard and quality of services offered to guests. Finished: Time Defined Contract Dal 01.10.2012 al 31.01.2013 Tot. 04 Mesi Function Hotel Manager Liv. 2 Company Delberg Palace Hotel 3 Star Address P.zza Edelweis Nr. Snc Town Pizzoferrato CH Abruzzo Italy Phone 0872 94684 E-Mail: Hotel Included 98 Camere: Fireplace Nr. 02 Sauna Discotec Game Room TV Room Nr. 03 Tennis Cinema Billiard Room Fitness Jacuzzi Garage Nr. 02 Volley Pizzeria Restaurant Soccer Game Room Nr. 02 Basket Function: In this Structure the operational action is programmed to provide for organization and coordination of services, have installed system for streamlining bureaucracy, new sales policy, management and staff coordination; Finished: Though I have had considerable commercial success, it was opposed by Bad General Management and improvised staff with no experience in hotel management. Dal 01.04.2012 al 31.07.2012 Tot. 04 Mesi Function Hotel Manager Liv. 2 Company Park Hotel 3 Star Address Via Dei Ciclamini Nr. 1 Town Baia Domizia CE Campania Italy Phone 0823 930111 E-Mail: Hotel Included 90 Rooms: Parking Car Pool Restaurant Bar Mt.200 Beach Function: In this hotel the operational action was programmed to provide for organization and coordination of services, sales policy and staff management. Suppliers and supplies were managed in order to not immobilize cash flow. In addition to introducing a system of pricing / revenue, it also improved the Food & Beverage sector and the organization system. Finished: Due to the policy adopted by the Administrator, (to remain open only as a bed & breakfast only on weekends and holidays and the restaurant open only on Saturday), did not coincide with what was agreed so the contract was resolved consensually. 3. Pagina 3 di 3 - Curriculum vitae Alfredo Palma Via C. De Caesaris, 60 - 65017 Penne (PE) - Cel. 329.8054857 Dal 01.02.2009 al 01.02.2012 Tot. 24 Mesi Function Hotel Manager Liv. 2 Company Hotel Villa Afrodite 5 Star Address Via Aldo Moro Nr. 1 Town Bovalino RC Calabria Italy Phone 0964 6726100 E-Mail: Hotel Included 26 Rooms: Discotec Pool Fitness Garden SPA (mq.600,00) Nr. 03 Bar Restaurant Pizzeria Fireplace Nr. 04 Banquet Rooms Function: In this hotel I introduced the necessary changes and adjustments in the different sectors, with special attention to services, marketing, personnel and suppliers, placing the hotel in the right market slot and increasing clientelle from 500 to 4000 guests annually. Finished: Time Defined Contract Dal 15.11.2008 al 30.01.2009 Tot. 04 Mesi Function Coordinator. Liv. 3 Company Magnola Palace Hotel 3 Star Address Via Del Ceraso Nr. 89 Town Ovindoli AQ Abruzzo Italy Phone 0863 705144 E-Mail: Hotel Included 90 Rooms: Discotec Fitness SPA Games Rooms Restaurant Bar Garden Billiard Rooms Function: As agreed with the owners I was Reception Coordinator during the Winter Season, providing also updates and renewal of the existing hardware and software systems. Finished: Time Defined Contract Dal 02.04.2008 al 30.10.2008 Tot. 08 Mesi Function Direttore Liv. 2 Company Panorama Village & Hotels 4 Star Address Via Santa Caterina Nr. snc Town Acireale CT Sicilia Italy Phone 095 7634124 E-Mail: Hotel Included: Bazar Market Nr. 10 Bungalow Nr. 10 Hotel Rooms Nr. 50 Cottage Rooms Pizzeria Nr. 50 Cottage Family Nr. 10 Residence Pool Soccer Restaurant Tennis Campo Da Bocce Nr. 02 Bar Teatre Function: As agreed with the owner I examined the resources available and coordinated autonomously all the hotels activities, defining and implementing the company strategies, the development program and the marketing policy. I established the goals to be achieved, planning the work necessary for such and managing the economics of the supplies needed. I defined the personnel needs of the hotel, interviewing and selecting the necessary staff. Finished: Time Defined Contract Dal 02.04.1988 al 01.03.2008 Tot. 240 Mesi Function Direttore Liv. 2 Company Hotel Dei Vestini Livello Struttura 4 Stelle Address Via A. Caselli Nr. civico 37 Town Penne PE Abruzzo Phone E-Mail: Hotel Included 72 Rooms: Pizzeria Discotec Sauna Fitness Garden Pool Restaurant Bar Tennis Function: At the age of 18 years I started my career process in this hotel, beginning with the role of receptionist, moving on to Chief of Reception, then Assistant to the Administrator and finally becoming Hotel Director, role which I covered for a period of 5 years. I followed and managed communications, marketing, organization, control and supervision of personnel, guaranteeing the services and quality standards offered to the clientele. Finished: The hotel was sold and all staff member contracts ceased.